Message from the Chairman

Thank you for visiting the website of the Yoon & Yang Pro Bono Foundation. 

We, the Yoon & Yang Pro Bono Foundation, took our first step toward “creating a peaceful world together with our kind neighbors” in 2014.  Our philosophy of “practicing loving and sharing” is also the basic philosophy of Yoon & Yang LLC, which strives to help the marginalized and the socially vulnerable while performing its social responsibility as a legal expert by protecting fundamental human rights and achieving social justice. 

The Foundation has expanded its activities by lending a helping hand to people in all corners of society where legal aid is still needed, such as foreigners and workers, the environment and health, adolescents, and overseas adoptees, while recovering the human rights of Hansen’s disease patients and protecting the rights and benefits of the homeless.  In 2016, we opened our Public Interest Legal Consultation and Dispute Resolution Center to offer the socioeconomically vulnerable greater access to legal services and to establish a full-time legal aid system.

Furthermore, we have hosted 9 public seminars on socially sensitive issues since 2015 as an effort to present a middle ground or solution that can minimize conflict.  In addition, we have engaged in various activities, including research on numerous public interest issues, law/human rights education for adolescents, the establishment of a public interest lawyer network, and social contribution activities together with Yoon & Yang’s “Nanuneun Saramdeul (NASA).”

Last year, we even organized unique events such as the “Snail Concert,” in which we performed on stage together with a homeless performance team, and the “Classroom Law Contest,” in which adolescent students drew up and presented their own bills.  

The path of sharing and practice could not have been possible without your support.  I hope that the activities of the Yoon & Yang Pro Bono Foundation will make our community a warmer place.  We will continue to do our best to create a warm world where happiness is shared by everyone.

Thank you. 

Young-Lip Park


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