Public Interest Legal Consultation and Dispute Resolution Center

Legal experts at Yoon & Yang continue to provide pro bono legal consultation and litigation services for individuals and organizations that need legal aid through the Yoon & Yang Pro Bono Foundation.

Through this, we remedied the rights of the socially vulnerable and minorities and prevented the discrimination

and violations against them and their human rights.

Moreover, we participate in activities that improve unreasonable systems.

Hansen’s Disease Patients’ Human Rights

The Yoon & Yang Pro Bono Foundation has strived to empathize with the pain felt by

Hansen’s disease patients who had become victims of forced labor, violence, forced sterilization and abortion surgeries over the history.

The foundation’s activity to protect the human rights offered a time of recovery for the patients, and the joint effort of the Korean, Japanese, and Taiwanese legal advocacy and civic groups became a precedent for resolving the conflict between Korea and Japan; Japanese lawyers started to raise the human rights issue for the Hansen’s disease patients, and it affected lawyers in South Korea and Taiwan to start addressing the issue and obtain the legal victory regarding state compensation for the victims.

We will continue to interact with Japan and Taiwan to engage in the activity of supporting the human rights of Hansen’s disease patients while offering legal aid to the patients for a practical help in improving their human rights and protecting their rights and benefits.

The Homeless

While supporting the homeless in the form of donations, support articles, and emergency medical expenses, the Foundation visits a poor urban neighborhood in Dongja-dong and provides pro bono legal consultation and related litigation services on a regular basis. Furthermore, we root for them to rebuild and lead a life of independence by hosting the “Snail Concert,” where the homeless are the stars of the show.

Yoon & Yang will continue to engage in the homeless supporting activity by placing greater focus on the issue of the residential right and other basic rights of the homeless, who are in the blind spot of human rights, and by proposing bills that expand the social safety net to enable the homeless to live like human beings.


Yoon & Yang is well aware of the fact that adolescent and youth workers, senior workers, and the 2-million immigrant workers in insecure jobs who are not protected by law urgently need legal help and endeavors to improve their rights and benefits.  To this end, we engage in various activities such as providing consultation and litigation services regarding matters of unfair violation of rights.


While the environment and health are important basic rights of citizens, they are not sufficiently recognized as legal rights in real life. The Yoon & Yang Pro Bono Foundation strives to make sure that various legal rights are recognized in the environment and health areas in cooperation with activist groups that work to respond to environmental crises and address emerging health-related issues. Furthermore, we propose policies and develop legislation movements regarding the current and future issues faced by all life forms and the environment on our planet.


A community generally refers to a group of people who live in a certain social area and share common values and a common identity. In modern society, more and more communities are formed beyond national borders and based on ideology and culture instead of physical distance.  Yoon & Yang will engage in its activities based on its belief that a healthy and sustainable community can be built when people care for each other and work together to create relationships based on humanity.

Academic Research

Yoon & Yang has been regularly hosting public interest seminars that review the legal and institutional aspects of the issues raised in our society. By selecting and discussing major social issues, we aim to reduce the social cost incurred in the specific operating process of institutions and contribute to the spread of the rule of law. In addition, we strive to increase people’s interest in and stimulate discussions on public interest issues by supporting in-depth public interest research activities.

Legal Education

Law/human rights education is an important foundation for protecting human rights and achieving justice as well as establishing the rule of law. Yoon & Yang delivers law/human rights education so that students can enjoy the rights given to them while learning the culture of respecting other people’s rights. Also, we operate education programs in various ways in order to alleviate the educational gap between the rich and the poor.

Social Contribution

Nanuneun Saramdeul (NASA) is a volunteer group created by Yoon & Yang LLC in 2003 to share its warmth with its marginalized neighbors.  From employees in their 20s to of counsels in their 70s and family members of employees, all workers of Yoon & Yang actively participate in the activity of sharing warmth with the community.

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